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Loving Therapy

Gentle, Safe, Empowering

Do you have emotions and behaviours you wish you could change...

You can do anything you want to; you may simply need a guiding hand to help you steer through the obstacles your emotions put up to protect you from too much change.

Are you sick of being a smoker, gambler, drinker or having other behaviours you can't stop?

We can help you kick your addiction.....are you ready?

Our understanding of food and it's relationship to weight-loss has changed.  Your emotions - such as how you feel about yourself - play an important role in your struggle to lose weight.  Have you ever wondered why the weight came back on, or why it feels as if you are sabotaging your success? 

Tired of yo-yo dieting, shakes, starvation and the thought of drastic options to lose weight?

We can help you manage your eating habits.....are you ready?

Are you living your life as if it's on hold? Do you feel like a spectator in your own life story? Struggling with depression, anxiety or some other unwanted emotions or feelings?
Maybe you've been told countless times to stop being so sensitive, build a bridge, and get over whatever is bothering you.
Most of us get by on a day by day basis, with some days being better than others.
It's normal to have good and bad days; it's normal to feel differing levels of sadness and happiness.
But when your feelings and thoughts become intrusive, or impact your life in ways you wish they didn't, then that's a cue that something might need exploring.

Does your life feel like an emotional roller-coaster with no end to the ride?

We can help your life get back on an even keel.....are you ready?

And if you'd like more information, just go ahead and enter our website...

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