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Redefine Who You Are

Do you want to live a healthier life, both emotionally and physically?

Do you want to:


  • Save money on your weekly groceries?

  • Be healthier?

  • Be able to do more with your life?

  • Feel better?

  • Be able to exercise?

  • Feel better within yourself?

  • Become more active?

  • Live your life as it was meant to be?

  • Gain confidence?

  • Regain control?




Are you:

Quit Smoking in Morwell with Lisa Testart

Ready for something different in your life?

Quit Smoking with Lisa Testart in Morwell
Quit Smoking with Lisa Testart in Morwell

Needing a guide?

Ready to walk the path of change?

Quit Smoking with Loving Therapy in Morwell

Our understanding of food and it's relationship to weight-loss has changed.  


Your emotions - such as how you feel about yourself - play an important role in your struggle to lose weight.  Have you ever wondered why the weight came back on, or why it feels as if you are sabotaging your success? 


Are you tired of yo-yo dieting, shakes, starvation and the thought of drastic options to lose weight?


We can help you manage your eating habits.....are you ready?

We can do this without dieting, exercise regimes or other 'work' that will make you fall off the wagon.

Ask us's really easy and you'll be wondering why you waited so long!

Are you living your life as if it's on hold? Do you feel like a spectator in your own life story? Struggling with depression, anxiety or some other unwanted emotions or feelings?
Maybe you've been told countless times to stop being so sensitive, build a bridge, and get over whatever is bothering you.
Most of us get by on a day by day basis, with some days being better than others.
It's normal to have good and bad days; it's normal to feel differing levels of sadness and happiness.
But when your feelings and thoughts become intrusive, or impact your life in ways you wish they didn't, then that's acue that something might need exploring.
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