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F. A. Q.

Can I use your service under a 'Better Mental Health Plan' from my GP?


If you are seeking a consult under a 'Better Mental Health Plan' organised by your doctor we cannot assist you; you will need to book with a clinical psychologist.


Can I claim your fees through my private health insurance fund? 


No, this practice is not registered with any private health insurance fund.

Why don't you guarantee I'll quit smoking in a single session? 


We don't guarantee quit smoking in an hour, or a single session, because it's not how we operate. Our sessional work is around what you're ready to change within that session, and therefore anything can come up, and often does.


Our fees are structured in such a way as to be affordable and accessible, with relatively long session times.


We believe that the client and their Resource States lead the session, and this allows us to facilitate a process where change can occur. However, this doesn't always happen as fast as a  client who is desperate to quick smoking may want, or desire.


And sometimes a client may express their desire to quit smoking, but deep down they really aren't ready to quit, and so a state of resistance can occur without the client or therapist realising it, or being aware of those undercurrents. 


Using Resource Therapy for quit smoking can be fast and effective, but there are times when it takes longer, and there may be a need for multiple sessions to unpack any underlying issues or tensions within a clients internal resource and personality system.


Does this mean the process doesn't work? No, on the contrary. The more work done, the stronger the client becomes, and the more practice our Resource States get in becoming part of a non-smoking team within the client.

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