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Are you looking for something different, something to kick-start your relationship again? Get it back to what it was?


Have you both stopped talking? Can't be bothered anymore?


Partner shutting down or withdrawing?


There is help, a way forward, and it's called Heart Healing.



I have a passion to help couples find the art of talking to each other again. I called it Heart Healing because like any good coach, I give you tips, tricks and tools to take home and practice with. You don't get left to your own devices, you get supported and nurtured through this process of rediscovery, because this isn't easy, the path you've chosen, but it is rewarding and enriching. 


Those conversations you used to have where you really heard each other, remember those? How'd you like to have them back again and talk as if you were lovers instead of fighters?


We fall out of love, and our ability to listen gets eroded by conflict, affairs, contempt and familiarity.


See if this rings true for your current relationship...


  • You're stuck in a toxic round of conflict, your relationship suffers, and you each feel unheard and unloved.

  • You feel blamed and attacked.

  • You feel as if nothing you do is right, and everything you say is taken the wrong way.

  • Neither of you knows how to say what you feel without making it into a conflict.

Sound like you?  Unfortunately, most couples never learn how to have healthy communication within a relationship and so they build up intensely toxic ways of communication, such as...

"you just don't get it, or me..."

"you never listen..."

"you're just too lazy..."

"you make me so angry..."

"your behaviour is so childish, I don't know how to get through to you..."

"haven't you done that yet?"

"when are you going to get off your ass and do something to help yourself?"

"You drive me to distraction when you do that"

If this sounds like your relationship, then it might need a bit of Heart Healing to recover.

Loving Therapy Heart Healing is about helping people, through practical, guided and mediated work (relationship transactions), to begin to experience positive communication again, perhaps for the first time. 


Loving Therapy is about Relationship Transactions, the art of being open and honest, having an open heart and being present to your partner in a way that shows real, tangible and meaningful intent.

Without the intent, there is no Loving Communication between couples.

If you have the intent to develop a new way of communicating for life, then enquire today how your relationship could be improved with our guided one on one sessions.


Where do Heart Healing and Relationship Transaction work come from? In 2012 Lisa developed her Loving Listening program which assisted people to become more connected to each other.


Out of this project came her interest in helping couples regain their ability to communicate and listen to each other.


This model is not couples counselling. It draws upon mediation models as a framework within which she assists couples to re-engage.


Loving Therapy Heart Healing sessions are mediated.  Each person is a responsible and active participant in the process, and you will experience, if you allow yourself to be open to it, a true awakening of the potential and power of empathy in a relationship.

Sessions are usually of up to two hours duration, but may go longer, so come prepared.

Heart Healing - Relationship Transactions

Loving Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Lisa Testart, Couples Counselling, Melbourne CBD, Heart Coaching
Loving Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Lisa Testart, Couples Counselling, Melbourne CBD, Heart Coaching
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