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Practice Update

In 2019 the principal therapist, Lisa Testart, was forced into hiding, and unable to update clients, friends, or even family, about what was happening as matters swirled around her in the legal system.

Lisa has walked the path of many of her clients these past 18 months; forced into homelessness, left destitute by those who sought to use their financial superiority to grind her into the ground, living with sustained violence that saw her attempt suicide as a result of the abuse inflicted by her ex husband a family law barrister, his colleagues, the Judiciary, and those who were caught in the charismatic spell of a covert narcissist.

Lisa was unable to speak about what was happening, or even update the website here as a result of needing to be in hiding.

This has now changed. She Won. She now has her voice back and plans to use it.

If you have tried to contact Lisa please be patient as she will be making contact with everyone in the next few days.


Lisa Testart

11 July 2020 

Change, recovery and moving forward in life, leaving our checked baggage at the terminal of the past, should be everyone's right. Lisa can help you sort through that baggage, picking those essential items you want to keep, while safely storing the rest.


As a Resource Therapist, Lisa is here to bring out your strengths, in whatever area you need.


Lisa holds and nurtures your heart and soul gently, as you explore these strengths, finding and mapping those essential resources you need to live a rich, diverse and fulfilling life.


Working with Lisa is an enriching experience.

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