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The Art of Hypnosis….

Despite popular misconceptions, hypnosis is actually a state of heightened concentration, where you are alert to everything going on around you, but relaxed enough to allow powerful, positive suggestions, to be taken in directly by your unconscious mind.

Hypnosis has long been used to help professionals better understand your needs.

I use hypnosis as an adjunct to Resource Therapy, to assist your conscious and unconscious mind, your various inner resource states/parts, to communicate with each other, enhancing what you already know and allowing your inner mind to find resolution to issues that may be troubling you.


How Does Hypnosis Work?


When you hear the word hypnotist, what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, the word may conjure up images of a sinister stage-villain who brings about a hypnotic state by swinging a pocket watch back and forth.


In reality, real hypnosis bears little resemblance to these stereotyped images. According to John Kihlstrom, "The hypnotist does not hypnotize the individual. Rather, the hypnotist serves as a sort of coach or tutor whose job is to help the person become hypnotized"


Hypnosis can be used in many ways. Some of them are:


  • The treatment of chronic pain conditions

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

  • The reduction of the symptoms of dementia

  • Hypnotherapy may be helpful for certain symptoms of ADHD

  • Quitting smoking

  • Weight loss

  • Control of pain during dental procedures

  • Alleviation of symptoms associated with many health conditions


Can you be hypnotised?


Many people think they can't, but in fact, everyone can, even if it's not a deep hypnotic state.


Have you ever driven somewhere and wondered how you got there? Ever gotten lost in a book? Ever became so engrossed in something on TV that you tuned everyone and/or everything out?


That's hypnosis!


Approximately 20% of the population are highly suggestible, and these are the people who you invariably see at stage shows doing all those weird and unusual things. They do them because despite how weird it looks to us, it actually doesn't violate their core beliefs, values or make them do anything they wouldn't do in a non-trance state (embarrassment aside!)


Can you make me do anything against my will?


No! And this is critical to understand...


No hypnotherapist can make you do anything YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. 


I am a client as well, and sometimes a hypnotherapist will suggest something to me, and without their realising it, I'll be saying to myself 'nuh uh', not doing that! And that's while in the hypnotic trance state.


So, in a nutshell, you can't be made to quack like a duck unless you really and truly want to quack like a duck, and you retain full and complete control during the entire session.


You give yourself permission to go into the trance state, so it's you who are doing all the work.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask, that's what I'm here for.

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