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What our clients experience...


It's amazing, my anxiety is incredibly lessened!...

It's amazing, my anxiety is incredibly lessened!


I don't know how it works really, but it has definitely helped!


I've even been noticing that where I used to feel anxiety almost as a matter of course and was so accustomed to that, that when I felt different, I had to think for a minute what was different to normal! Lol. So bizarre.


I've been feeling more confident, and self assured as well which has been helping me be more assertive and feel less sensitive to others opinions/thoughts of me. It's been such a change and so quickly!


Anon - Victoria

I was very impressed...

I consider myself reasonably switched on and aware of my thought processes and behaviours.  I had an issue arise unexpectedly which triggered quite strong emotions; I was floundering in a sea of guilt over, in my view, unacceptable thoughts and feelings.  I realised I was too close to the situation to identify or challenge myself so turned to Lisa for some mentoring.
In very short order Lisa identified key elements within my struggle and offered alternate insights for consideration.  I was very impressed with her ability to grasp the issue within context and provide verbal responses that resonated within me, assisting me to come to terms with what had occurred.  
I found Lisa to be very approachable; her non-judgemental attitude encouraged me to be open and honest allowing for healthy dialogue and a positive outcome.  



​OMG. I just did it...
Guidance and insight...

Guidance and insight from a valuable and loving person/therapist.


D G - Vic

Lisa helped us both see how hurt we were...

Now that I know the consequences, and the ongoing hurt I caused to my spouse, I wish I'd never had the affair.


I wish, with all my heart, that I could make up for the pain and mistrust I see in her eyes whenever she gets triggered. It tears me up to know that I did that to her, and I can never take it back.


Lisa helped us both see how hurt we were, and just how much work I had to do to rebuild trust.


Anon - Victoria

Lisa's words have given me hope...

Lisa's words have given me hope, comfort, courage and strength.


She has shown me how to grow and heal while providing a safe place to speak openly at the same time.


One of the most astounding things for me though, has been how much my husband has responded and opened up partly due to Lisa's non judgemental advice. We have both been assisted to grow and heal and bridge the gap, just as we both wanted.


Her words and love and support have been invaluable and we consider ourselves so very lucky to have had her help in this time when we sometimes felt so alone.


Anon - Tasmania

​OMG. I just did it (Free relaxation audio session) and it was fabulous. I never even imagined such a state of relaxation before.


Before I did it, I was feeling happy but tired and mentally drained. I had been unable to focus on reading yet another article after a busy week of parenting, researching, 2 placements etc. After listening to the recording, I felt refreshed and completely focused on what I needed to do. Thanks Lisa!


Lisa V - NSW

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