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Preparing To Give Evidence

Are you prepared?


Do you know what to expect?

Witness Preparation for Family Law and Civil Matters

The trial date is set. 


The material is filed.


Now there is just the nervous, gut churning time of waiting to give your evidence.

But you don't really know what you are about to face, do you? Do you know what to do? Have you ever set foot inside a courtroom before, or been cross examined by someone who just wants to extract an answer from you favourable to their clients position?

The answer is probably no. Not many people venturing into the legal arena for Family or Civil matters have ever given much thought to their day in court, and it can come as a nasty shock to be on the receiving end of questions you hadn't considered, or perhaps answered in a way that damaged your case.

This is where Lisa comes in. 


Lisa has many years experience working closely with her Barrister husband, Pierre Testart, a family law specialist, assisting people through Family Law trials, working closely with each client, and their legal team, to ensure their experience is as anxiety free as possible. Preparing for a trial should not be left to the last minute.


Lisa will assist you to become comfortable (or as comfortable as your nerves will allow) with the cross examination process, even if the questions aren't to you liking.

Preparation includes:


  • Information on how the court operates

  • Court protocols

  • What to expect inside the courtroom

  • Body language

  • Appearance

  • Cross examination style questioning to familiarise the client with the type and style of questions that may be put to them whilst giving evidence

  • Appropriate responses and answers to questions put by counsel

  • Assisting you to understand the purpose of cross examination and re-examination, and how responses are your evidence

  • Understanding that questioning isn't personal

  • Education on the role of cross examination in contested hearings

  • Identifying inconsistencies in evidence before trial

  • Understanding the role of your affidavit; your evidence in chief

  • Lisa does not coach or assist you to change your evidence

Lisa works within the ethical framework expected of legal practitioners to ensure your experience is one that is ethical, sound and of benefit to your case without crossing the line into coaching.


Lisa has experience in litigation and cross examination.


Lisa has experience as a witness in civil and criminal matters.


Contact Lisa today with your enquiry; she looks forward to being of assistance to you in your upcoming trial.

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